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    Christine Reid

    I would like to commend Jamie and staff at Wonthaggi Plaza store for helping me with their excellence service and their patience. They are a wonderful asset to Best&Less.
    Best wishes,
    Christine from Phillip Island.

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    I understand you have a '90 days unused' return policy, however customers/consumers generally buy products to use! So, after customers/consumers used a product, if that product doesn't have acceptable quality or doesn't do what the business says, then consumers have rights by law. You can check the related websites.

    Just a couple of weeks ago, I bought two tops from Best&Less - Tweed Heads store. After washing them to wear as everyone "normally" would, they started to get in bad shape and it was impossible to wear them anymore. I returned your own faulty products with the receipt, but I was treated with disrespect by the Tweed Heads manager and staff - they tried to ignore me. So, even though I finally received my refund as I didn't give up, I am disappointed that you treat people with disrespect.

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    Tim Ryan

    Hi I have to add comments about the stores.
    I have two young boys and find the stores maintain a really poor selection of boys clothes. Half your store is dedicated to kidswares and yet over two thirds of this is dedicated to girls clothing. There us a huge lack of choice and thus size options to shop for boys. Best n less you need to up the standards in this area. I have stopped coming and so have a lot of my friends with boys. I feel discriminated against when I have to shop for my kids due to the abundance of choice for girls and the six options for boys. Please address this problem I'm very disappointed.

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    Cathy Carfoot

    Fabulous service from kilee -shepparton store and Jacquie echuca store!! Need some school winter clothes for my daughter and between kilee and Jacquie these were delivered from the shepparton store to the echuca store the next day. Amazing customer service that is hard to find these days. Thanks so much ladies.

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    Kiah Ashcroft

    Hi Best N Less,
    I'm a 29 year old breast cancer survivor who has had a single mastectomy and I went to your Parramatta store the other day to buy some clothes for my kids. As I do at any other shop that sells under garments, I went looking for a wireless bra. I was so so happy to see that you guys actually have a wireless bra section! I have bought little crop top bras that hardly fit the last year but as I'm young, I want a bra that looks womanly and actually supports me! I found so many of them, and bought 4 bras that day. U don't understand how much it means to me to find something that is suitable for me! Sorry for the ramble but just wanted to say thanks :)

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    Caitlin Boyle

    Thank you thank you thank you!! for the range of girls shorts you currently have instore. The tag says 0116 & 508506. They are a great length (not too short) and a FUNCTIONAL drawstring!! well done!! perfect for my 3 year old that keeps up with her 6 year old brother. I purchased a pair from your Taigum store this morning and I will be back for more!

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    Kerry Smith

    Hi Best and Less,

    I feel the need to inform you of the poor customer service and standards I experienced at your Wollongong store this past Thursday night (12/05/2016)

    I had been in your store for roughly 15-20 minutes trying to find sizes in your kids department, while digging through one of your tables with my hands full with stock trying to find a size one of your male team members simply walked past, looked at me and began tidying the rack next to me. At no time did he even as little smile, acknowledge I was there or offer any service. I continued to juggle what I had and decided to make my way to the front of your store. This is when the real disappointment began, after waiting behind 3 other people at your registers for roughly 5 minutes without any other operator being called while I assume your female manager dealt with a customer issue, another male team member simply walked down to the registers looked and then walked away, once again without even a smile, acknowledgement that I along with 3 other customers were waiting or even an apology for the wait. By this time I decided to continue looking while I waiting for the line to go down, after returning from the back of your store finally your female manager and male team member had returned to the registers to complete this customer issue, after a few moments of doing this your manager then looks at the line of by this stage 4-5 of us walks out of the registers and yells for one of the operators to call for back up and walks off with a power boast which customer waiting in line commented about. Your main male operator, who I'd assume is not ready or confident in working registers as he was extremely slow, did not smile or even make the slightest conversation with any of his customers, was then yelled at by another male operator to call for back up. It gets even better, the male team member that had ignored me in your kids departments earlier begins his slow walk down to the registers again without a smile, looking miserable and finally after making small jokes with another team member decides to yell out "next". To top this experience off I am forced to purchase a 70c environment bag because the store is out of plastic bags?

    What has happened to this store management team? When has it become acceptable for your team to provide terrible service like this and since when has the behaviour of this juvenile manager been made acceptable? What happened to the days where you walk to the next person in life and politely ask them to come to your register? Since when does a department store run out of plastic bags? Not even once did one of your team members smile at a customer.

    I am absolutely disgusted in the customer service I experienced in your store this evening. Best and Less is a company that for years has strived to provide exceptional customer service, a company that thrived on its team members presentation in uniform and attitude, Best and Less is a company that for as long as I can remember has had managers that would not tolerate this sort of behaviour, this is a company that has always gone above and beyond for a customer and tonight has let us down.

    Kind Regards,

    Kerry Smith

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    Emily-Rose Rothwell

    Hi there,

    I'm writing to leave feedback about the terrible customer service I have received in your Gosford store every time I have visited.
    On several occasions staff have been rude and extremely unpleasant. Today when I came in I was browsing in the lingerie section when one of your staff members came up and pretty much stood so close she was touching my arm. I turned to her and smiled but she just gave me a filthy look and continued fixing the racks. She was standing so close that I could not even look at what I wanted to, yet couldn't even say "Hi how are you?"
    On my previous visit when I went to the registers I waited in line for at least 15 minutes because their was only one person serving. When it was my turn I walked up and greeted the cashier and she didn't respond. Not even a smile and again had a miserable look on her face. As I went to leave I said "Have a good afternoon" and again she ignored me. I thought staff were supposed to greet and farewell their customers?
    I do not feel comfortable shopping at your Gosford store anymore which is unfortunate because I love Best n Less.

    I'm sorry for the bad feedback but because I have had this experience in the Gosford store several times now I feel I should say something.

    Kind regards,


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    Vickie Wormington

    Hi B&L

    I recently had an impromptu visit to your store at Northlakes and would like to commend the excellent customer service I received from Shayal. The thoughtful way she handled our purchases, neatly folding and placing items carefully in the bag, was very much appreciated. As well Shayal was very polite, personable and well presented. Excellent customer service is what encourages repeat business for me.

    I believe in reward for effort. So please pass on to the relevant management my feedback on Shayal, she is definitely an asset to your business.

    Kind Regards
    Vickie W

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    Samantha donaven

    I just want to give a massive thankyou to all staff at best & less in Minto!! They were absolutely amazing, fantastic service!
    I also want to give a special thanks to both a larger lady (with the name Shannon is I remember) and a wonderful young man (Ryan) that were both working. They were so comfortable with each other and are so funny. Would definitely go back there! They make the experience all too fantastic.

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    Paula Hopkins

    I'm really annoyed at the recent new sizing of bras I am a fairly big girl and my size is a pretty full 16D and I have always bought my bras from b&l as they have always been the best for me but today I invested in two new bras the same type I've been buying since I was 13 (I'm 16 now) to discover that you have decided to completely change the sizing I bought the same size bra from the same range the only difference was the colour (one purple and one white) and come home to discover that the sizes are completely different I checked the tag and they have the same size and I check a bra I bought from you about a month ago and another completely different size absolutely frustrated with your lack of quality and I will be getting my money back and taking my business elsewhere

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    JoAnne nowland

    I visited Your store at Kawina and the service in the store by the girls were wonderful. Ella the cashier has outstanding people skills and wonderful manner.

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    tegan Mccauley

    Hi i ordered online from you guys with afterpay and still have not received my package can you contact me please to make sure address is correct otherwise i will not be ordering or buying anything else from your company.

    Thanks Tegan

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    Lyn McPartland

    Just received Give The Taxman the Boot with our workwear specials. Am I missing something or is there really nothing there for women's workwear?

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    Dear Sir  ,


    I am Mohanasundaram young and dynamic individual, with considerable experience in Garments Quality Inspection job, I have been a Quality inspector for the past Nine years in INDIA - TIRUPUR, in that i had learned in tricks of the trade, i very interested to do Quality inspections for maintain quality level  . If you give this opportunity to serve your esteemed organization. I’ll put my soul and heart in to it.

    i very well Experienced with Digital reports and on day reporting. As well as i Maintaining the Inspection with  South India Zone

    If you are giving me this good opportunity, I will serve my best to the Organisation.


    Awaiting for your Interview call.

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    Tracy Rashleigh


    On Thursday 15th August, we contacted the Marion Store (SA) and spoke with Store Manager, Rick Mart regarding an enquiry on Collingwood Football Club items i.e. scarves, hats etc. We are a Funeral Company and we were trying to source items for display at a Funeral for family members that had travelled from interstate and did not have any items with them. Not only did Rick assist us to let us know the options the store had, being a "Collingwood tragic" he also offered to lend us some of his own collection. He sent us photos of what he had, and even being his day off today, organised for us to collect some items from him. We are very appreciative of Rick's efforts and it certainly is a case of going over and above his job description.

    Thanks again Rick,

    Tracy, Nicole and Staff

    White Lady Funerals, Plympton SA


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    Gail waston

    Hi I just want to inform you of the great service I received from your best and less store at qld Springfield a few days ago . Two staff member I believe were named courtney and tayla went above and beyond to help me find the pants i had been looking every were for. these girls remained friendly thought out the service, Despite the time it took from there busy day. I just want to say a big thankyou to these girls and good job for providing exceptional and kind service in this often rude and brass market

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    Mary fisher

    Good afternoon,
    I am writing to inform you about the excellent service I recieved at your Loganholme store recently. A few weekends ago, I was shopping in this store and was welcomed as I entered by a lovely staff member. Whilst I was shopping, the store seemed extremely busy and this same young lady by the name of Elle went above and beyond to help me locate what I was looking for in between getting called to the registers and being stopped by other customers and staff. She managed to find the item I was looking for at another store and even offered to pick it up for me as it was close to where she lives. Not once was I made to feel like it was to much hassle despite her obviously being busy.
    Once she had finished helping me, I lined up at the registers as there was a bit of a queue and I noticed Elle speaking to other customers and staff at the registers with such a great manner about her, even down to the way she talked a staff member through a difficult sale.
    As a business owner myself, I hope you realise what an asset she is to your business and should be very proud.

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    Erin Harper

    Hi B&L
    About a week ago I bought a pair of shoes or my son at the Cranbourne store. Already the inner lining of the shoe has come out and there is ano hole in the fabric on the outer shoe near the toes. I'm normally very happy with the quality of B&L items but I am now very disappointed.

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    Joanne Gardner

    Hi B&L

    I just have been to your Tuggeranong store here in the ACT.  I wanted to commend one of your staff members there, Jaime, for being such a lovely person to deal with.  I had to return something and Jaime made the process very easy.  Thank you.

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    Barbara Griffin

    Today I had a medical episode at your Raymond Terrace store. I would like to personally thank Ava who went above and beyond in assisting me during this time. Her support, caring nature and attention will never be forgotten. She is a credit to your company. Thank you Ava.

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    Susie R.

    Hello, I just wanted to commend the service of an Earlville Best&less worker named Dominiqu. During the school holidays and weekends I always see her working and she has the most amazing customer service. Being from retail myself, I understand the pressure on junior workers to always be up to standard. But it really seems like she knows how to do her job and do it WELL. I honestly thought she was a manager with how well she was handling the weekend rush and still maintained wonderful service. Well done to the Earlville store!

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    Lisa Coutts

    I would like to acknowledge the friendly helpful staff at Best & Less Tuggerah store. On two seperate occasions during my recent visit I was asked by a friendly and polite staff member if I needed assistance. Then at checkout the young woman serving was very plesant and helpful. A few days later I needed to exchange an item and again received the same friendly service. Thank you for making shopping in your store a pleasure.

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    Rebecca Y Witham

    I searched for plus size clothing but it still comes up with sizes 8 and 10.
    And if you view an item and opens on another page, you can't go back to where you were up to in your search history.

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    Karen bell

    Good morning. I recently purchased a pair of stretch denim women's jeans size 18 from Bankstown. That was the only pair they had. They had sparkles on the legs are you able to source say three more pairs for me please. Been to warringah mall only had a pair in size 26. Thank you

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    Jesse Horton

    Big shout out to the team at Best & Less Gracemere!! Amazing service, the store is always clean and stocked with a variety of clothing in each section; and the staff are always more than willing to assist me in anyway possible. Very welcoming environment. Highly recommend 👌

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